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Helping home medical equipment (HME) providers is what we do best

Why Arazaq?

Running a home medical equipment (HME) business can be challenging in a changing industry. We’re here to help you manage those challenges and make sure your patients are getting the right products at the right time. At Arazaq, our focus is always on our customers’ success.



We deliver a wide breadth of wholesale medical supplies, to support a variety of specialties across home healthcare to help you drive efficiency, manage costs and enhance patient care – all while providing insights and expertise to guide you through the ever-changing world of home healthcare.

Medication Administration Equipment—devices used to administer medications in tablet, liquid, or aerosol form.

Test Kits—kits used for measuring the presence of various chemicals in blood or urine

First Aid Equipment—equipment used to care for injuries or temporary conditions

Assistive Technology—devices used to enhance personal capabilities, such as sensory abilities or mobility

Durable Medical Equipment—includes medical devices used to support performance of basic activities of daily living, such as beds, lifts, and toileting equipment.

Meters/Monitors—includes a wide range of devices for determining health status or managing disease conditions, either one time or on an ongoing, intermittent basis

Treatment Equipment—equipment used to administer various medical therapies

Respiratory Equipment—equipment used to treat respiratory conditions

Feeding Equipment—devices used for feeding

Voiding Equipment—devices used for releasing urine or feces from the body

Infant Care—includes machines used to monitor and treat infants

Telehealth Equipment—used to collect data in the home environment and transmit the data to a remote monitoring site


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